Why you need email marketing tools for your business?

Email marketing is still the most effective way for B2B & B2C area, there are 4 billion daily email users & 39% of brands are increasing their email budget and 83% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 1 year.

Email marketing tool gives you the capability to build your audience, you can push out messages, promotions & benefits to them. It is much easier to get in front of who you’re speaking to, in fact, in 2022 global email users are forecasting at 4.3 billion users and expecting to grow to 4.6 billion users in 2025, that’s more than half the world population, and it’s becoming more relevant with mobile phone users. More people are using their mobile phones more often to read their email. This is good news for marketing, but there is still room to improve on message usability and rendering across different devices, they are 1 in 3 consumers said they are accessing mobile email more than ever.

Email is one of the most affordable ways in digital marketing. The cost to you is in time and resources, and optional (minimal) investments depending on your email provider and whether or not you’re pursuing any paid media to boost its growth. 

Email Marketing Demographics 2021

The following diagram shows people how often for checking their mail inbox. 

What email marketing can be used for: 

  1. Re-marketing with interested buyers 
  1. Sending out the signature services & promotional products to customers 
  1. Product launch announcements 
  1. Property launch event 
  1. Upcoming events invitations 
  1. Member update news 
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Process Flow Diagram for Email Personalisation:

Others relevant tips for Email Marketing:

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