Why you need email marketing tools for your business?

Tips for Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is still the most effective way for B2B & B2C area, there are 4 billion daily email users & 39% of brands are increasing their email budget and 83% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 1 year. Email marketing tool gives you the capability to build your…

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Tips: Why don’t let your Business Website behind the trend & technology?

Tricks & tips for business website

Nowadays, to compete supreme competitive market you need a strong online presence interact with prospect since nearly 85% customer preferred go through your business website for getting know about your business history, service or product info, your specialisation & etc before to contact you, therefore, you have to keep your website up-to-date in term of…

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What is FPSO work in offshore production field?

Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) used for the oil and gas industry to produce processes and store the oil and gas collected from the sea. The difference between the FPSO and  Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) is FPSO able to produce the oil and gas while the FSO can be used as storage. The…

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How to Define a Good Company Website


What Is Good Company Website? A good website offers exceptional information that is updated on regular basis, is intuitive and easy to use. As to serve its purpose, the website should reflect the company, products, services and brand very well to ease visitor’s understanding of what the website tries to deliver or sells. Furthermore, the…

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Tips for Choosing the Ideal Web Design Company in Malaysia

If you are determined to improve the online presence of your company then, you should not hesitate to create a website for it.  The web design task is one that can give you a lot of headaches when you lack the expertise and tools for it.  Working with the expert web designers can be the…

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EUROCHAM & Major Industry that European Interested in Malaysia

What is EUROCHAM? EUROCHAM is an association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry. It establish from year 1993, they target to boost the investment and trade in between in Malaysia and Europe. For example, one of the Europe company or business may want to find the supplier in Malaysia, they may join EUROCHAM membership.…

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What is Water Piping System?

Piping is a pipe or a tube design to transfer the liquid or gas from one location to others location. Different industry applies the pipe in different ways and function. The innovative of plumbing manufacturer can efficiency to reduce the amount of the water usage. For example, Water Sense plumbing products was meet the requirement…

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What is Cold Room System

Cold room system is the room can be adjustable the temperature. It make sure the product quality by providing the proper temperature. According to the past study in Turkey, 100,000kg of pears were storing into the cold room with −1◦C. Result shows that 90% to 95% of the pears are in  good condition (Dalkilic, A.…

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Leaders in bespoke web design and development


Entertop is a leading digital marketing & expert web design company in Malaysia. We can help you in achieving the highest performance & ranking for your websites – the work that we do will attract you more users and sales leads. From understanding your business objectives in creating the great impression & marketing framework make…

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